Collage animation

A title sequence paying homage to and attempting to decipher one of the worst fiascos in our current political mess, visually inspired by the color block style of Saul Bass & Saul Bass inspired images, film noir, expressionism, vintage Russian propaganda & matchbox covers. Featuring music composed by Tagirijus, House Of Lost Souls (Hide Fast), (


1. Idea generation / storyboard

I free associated things and created a little storyboard of dream-like and absurd transitions. The subway concept didn't end up making it to the final.

2. Image & Sound compiling

I searched all my old books for unusual images and the internet for Creative Commons photos. Particularly wonderful finds include the music, 'Hola Hola Bossa Nova' by Juanitos (, and the many versions of the lady from my mother's 1970s yoga book. (Complete sources listed below).


3. digital collage & Animation

Storyboard collages were created digitally in Photoshop before being brought in to After Effects for animation. Even the type was found in an old 1950s lettering book.

final video — Nonsequitur:

Images lovingly collaged from:

  • Yoga 28 day exercise plan - Richard Hittleman
  • The Psychology of Children's Art - by Rhoda Kellogg with Scott O'Dell
  • Houseplants - The American Horticultural Society Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening
  • Look at Us... - photographs by Arthur Rothstein