Awkwardo, a Play on Paper


I wrote a script for a comic book in a 2015 continuing ed class at MCAD about an awkward lady / super hero.
Then I wanted to make it into a play.
Then I went back to school and needed to make a book.
So then I made it into a book.
I call it a "play on paper" as it sort of has illustrated story board ideas for how I would make the show, but I also really like it in book form too. It's a celebration of loser protagonists, and a little piece cheering on everyone who has had an underdog moment, or who ever feels "off". :) Here are some of my favorite spreads from the book.

Dressing Theater Mu's Momu

Momu, the Theater Mu mascot, already existed as his little darling self before I worked with them. But I did get to dress him! Here are some of my favorites: