web development: HTML + CSS

The following html and css student projects were completed as a part of the MCAD program, and are included here to demonstrate familiarity and skill level with the two coding languages.


 Casestudy: WEbsite Copy

As an exercise we were to find and choose a website we thought was very beautiful and a challenge to code, and then we attempted to recreate the homepage as exactly as possiblefrom scratch. I chose this beautiful website from Squeeze Creative. Here is their original, and here is my replica. All coding in my replica is done by me.

WayBack Machine redesign

We searched in the 'Internet Archive Wayback Machine' and redesigned old homepages of our choosing. I chose a very early version of Facebook, from 2000. I found the original copy very funny and wanted to play up the vintage feel. The images are from the Creative Commons, Seattle Municipal Archives. All coding and layout is done by me, using floats and positioning.