Bee Population Decline

motion graphics infographic


An infographics piece addressing the serious issue of bee population decline. Although I love beautiful illustrated infographics, I was interested in playing with a collage style for this piece, using real photographic images that could ground this serious issue in reality and show us up close some of the beauty of bees and the ways the plants that they help to grow. I wanted to offset the seriousness in tone with a rapid pace and some unexpected transitions.

Amazing up close bee images from 



1. research

This is a very important topic for our environment and the health of our planet, and so I did a lot of research to be sure I understood the issues at stake and some of the complexity of contributing factors. Sources can be found below.


2. Writing / Storyboarding

I wrote the script like I would write a paper, and then recorded the voiceover. A playful storyboard was then created to offset the seriousness of the message. Wherever possible I tried to use a little humor, surprise collaged elements or an exciting rapid pace to keep the energy up.

3. digital Collage 

 Sketches were recreated digitally. Found photography from the Creative Commons were processed for clarity, quality and to mask backgrounds. Tableaus of key points in the storyboard were put together in Photoshop.


4. animation

Digital Photoshop collages were brought in to After Effects for animation. I looked for ways to create surprise in the animation sequence.

final video — bee population decline (infographic):


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